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Women's Short Sleeve T-Shirt

There are an estimated two million children trapped in sex slavery today. Our goal at the Abolitionists Movement is to take that number down to zero! To do that, we need to raise awareness about human trafficking and help everyone know what a problem it is. Hence, the #rescue2m. 

How many cause related shirts have you worn that you dread putting on in the morning? Yeah, we know the feeling. So we made an awesome tee shirt that is comfortable and soft! It’s comfortable, sleek, stylish with bold lettering, comfortable and, most importantly, comfortable. When your friends ask about what it means, tell them about The Abolitionists. Tell them about modern day slavery. Tell them about any organization you know of that fights human trafficking and sex slavery so they can become involved too.

Made out of a 60% combed cotton/40% polyester jersey.  This black T will let you show that you support abolishing slavery.

Knowledge is Power

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