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One of the things we hear most often from people as they exit a screening of the film is “what can I do to help?” This film touches people and seeing the actual act of trafficking caught on film is powerful and, in some ways, life-changing. We decided to make a film as our contribution to the cause, as our way of doing something to fight human trafficking but there are many of you who already have organizations to raise awareness about human trafficking, sexual abuse and rehabilitation. 


After having a few friends of ours who run anti-trafficking organizations approach us asking to use the film at fundraisers, we excitedly agreed. One of the groups told us that they were able to have one of the most successful events they’ve ever had because of the way the movie speaks to peoples’ hearts. In order to help more groups like our friend’s, we’ve put together an affiliate program to help groups raise funds and continue the fight against human trafficking and sexual abuse. An affiliate is someone that uses their network to share the products on this site, like The Abolitionists film. When someone makes a purchase, the affiliate receives a percentage of the purchase price. These funds can be used to continue spreading awareness of the cause and inspire others to join the fight.


Fill the form out below to start the process.  We will review the application and set you up.