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The Abolitionists Movie



This documentary film is about the rescue of 57 children from slavery and the arrest and incarceration of their 7 traffickers. After spending over a decade rescuing children both domestically and overseas from the child slavery industry, Special Agent Tim Ballard decides to turn in his Homeland Security badge, feeling he could do more good working outside the government. Ballard assembles a team of highly specialized individuals that then infiltrates trafficking organizations and rescues innocent children. This is the story of their liberation.

The footage from our operations is used in court to ensure these children never have to testify.  We have seen a 100% conviction ratio due to our undercover footage. 




Genre Documentary, Action, Suspense
Producers Darrin Fletcher, Chet Thomas
Executive Producers Gerald R. Molen, Ryan F. Welch
Featuring Tim Ballard
Studio Fletchet Entertainment, SLED
MPAA rating PG-13
Captions and Subtitles English
Runtime 1 hour 25 minutes
Format DVD, Blu-ray Disc


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